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Xavier Bryon

Healing Arts Practitioner

Structural Integrationist
Medical Massage Therapist
Cranio-Sacral Therapist
Shiatsu Massage Therapist
Energy Medicine Specialist
Medical Chi Gong Master
Visceral, Vascular, Neural Manipulation
Corrective Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist
Intuitive Empath and Deep Feeler
Trauma Healing Coach 

Xavier expertly assists clients to overcome challenging chronic issues and chronic pain, resolve Physical, mental, emotional and generational trauma. 


in 22 years of practice and study, Xavier has amassed over 5000+ hours of professional academic & alternative education and trainings in a holistic assortment of highly effective healing arts. Xavier's unique method brings together a perfectly balanced symphony of bodywork, energy work, breathwork and more. Assiting you in not only expertly managing the issues, and easily overcoming even the most challenging of chronic issues. Ultimately, leading to the deepest possible long term healing, evolution and growth.  


Its my pleausre to welcome you to the possible beginning of the end, in your search for health and well-being...

The Work

Multi-disiplinary Bodywork, Energywork and Trauma resolving centred counselling to aid in releasing whatever is in the way of us healing ourselves.

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Wholistic Therapy

"Your One Stop, Therapy Shop"

We offer total, complete and wholistic therapy to address not only your pain and symptoms

but also treat the deeper core beginnings of your chronic challenge or issue,

Therapy that aims to give you the most effective Long Term Healing. 

Mind Body & Emotion

Expertly skilled

sensitive and attuned

scientifically backed

artfully delivered

intuitively informed
professionally skilled
Perfectly bridging a balanced holistic symphony

of bodywork, energy work,Somatic therapy and spiritual coaching

to help overcome most obstacles in the way of real deep healing...


Contact Xavier Bryon

Whatapp +52 5540473521

By Appointment Only


Puerto Escondido

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