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Areas of Expertise

The perfect mixture of bodywork, energy work, somatics, movement, meditation, breathwork, psychology, trauma coaching and more ,


Birthed from 24 years of relentless study and practice  


 deep passion and purpose to understanding humanity and mastering the art of healing.

chronological order of study

Medical Massage Therapy


Wholistic Nutrition and Exercise Science


Rolfing &  Structural Integration

Cranial Sacral Therapy


Visceral Manipulation

Vascular Manipulation 

Neural Manipulation

Fascial Manipulation


Medical Chi Gong

Entity Removal

Energy Work

Kundalini "Activation"  


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My Approach

Healing is possible.


If we are struggling it’s likely that we unconsciously hold its core cause tightly in our body, mind, or emotions.


even if we release from our mind or emotions, our body can still unconsciously and quite tightly hold it stuckness in our fascia and tissues. Ultimately preventing us from being able to heal from any of our chronic issues.


This is because our body minds and emotions are one, and deeply a/effect each other in every way.


This is easily seen with the fact that every emotion has a physical expression, unless we repress it, of course. Happy - you smile, Feel good Hormones and peptides, release and you’r whole body opens. Sad - we frown, our body collapses and feelings rush over us. And if we are sad enough we convulse in tears and pain.


And if we don’t express emotions and feelings then we must be repressing it, right?


This is like sitting in a car with the engine running and pushing the gas peddle dowand the break at the same time.


over a lifetime, this repression can build up a mountain of physical stress, emotions, feelings and more, all stuck in the physical body.


Rigidly stuck in the fascia.


Somatic bodywork is the one therapy that works to heal the body, mind and emotions together. Combining bodywork, energy work, guided meditation and more all together in a beautiful symphony of release and reconnection. Ultimately removing the obstacles to healing.

My Approach
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