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Chronic pain and Fascia

If you have chronic pain…

There is a very good chance its due to the shorting, thickening, restrictions or adhesions in your fascia.

Fascia is ultimately what connects everything in your body together.

Connecting your muscles, organs, nerves, and everything else all together.

Your muscles sit in “fascial pockets”.

Fascia is what connects your muscles to your bones

And fascia even connects your muscles to other muscles, forming kinetic chains, myo-fascial meridians or Anatomy Trains.

Fascia is where your meridian lines run that acupuncture effects

Fascia stores trauma, holds pain, emotions and memories

Fascia is what gives you your shape, your posture and holds you all together as you are.

Fascia is not easily stretched, released, and does not tire like muscles do.

Fascia responds to demand by becoming thicker and can create adhesion to surrounding structures for support.

Massaging your body with oil or lotion will often have little effect on your fascia.

If you want to treat the fascia you must hook into it, hold and sheer it using calculated slow manipulations.

If you want to heal your body, it is important you release your fascial restrictions

Hi! My name is Xavier, and I work with fascia therapeutically.

I am a Board Certified Structural Integrationist or Rolfer.

I help people heal through releasing their fascia, and so much more.

I have spent my life studying how we work, how we heal. I incorporate many techniques and modalities together for a complete wholistic approach that can often help heal the most challenging chronic of issues.

And It would be my pleasure to help you eliminate pain and heal any chronic issue you may be facing.

For the first two weeks of November I will be offering a discount to help anyone who would like to begin the journey of deeply healing.

Please feel free to Reach out with any questions through DM

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